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The Department of Border Police at Central Police University is one of the most distinctive departments in the world. Challenges related to rapid internationalization, migration management, border control and security examination have become more and more significant in Taiwan. At the same time, new complications constantly arise with short-term stays for foreigners, long-term residence, and even permanent residence management.

The main educational aims of this department are to provide instruction in the areas of immigration law and management, border policing, and cross-border crime. Furthermore, the graduates are encouraged to do research in the flied of cross-border crime, homeland security, immigration policy and law, as well as international judicial assistance. With these aims in mind, we hope to enhance the quality of our courses and research work so as to prepare our students to be truly excellent border police officers upon graduation.


the department emphasizes its education especially in the following 5 areas ."policing specialties","population movement","border security enforcement","homeland security","terrorism".

Core courses:

police law,Study on population movement,policy management on border security and its practice,trans border crime investigation and prevention,international criminal law, policing on anti-terrorist,etc. A degree of Bachelor of Arts is conferred upon graduation.